Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

I thought I had been dreaming, but before a deadline, I swore I saw her. It was Azuki. I panicked, my heart almost threw itself out of my chest, I uttered some sort of unimaginable and monstrous sound―we decided not to meet until I had an anime running and she was an established seiyuu. She stood there, smiling. I remember calling her name and asking what she was doing there, but she didn’t do anything but smiled. Then I was sure I was dreaming. She wouldn’t go back on our promise. I didn’t know what to do after I discovered that fact, but I’m pretty sure I sat there with my mouth gaping open…I’m sure she thought I looked funny. I was tired from drawing so much, I slowly turned my head to the left to check the time. It was 4:12 in the morning and I was pretty sure I was going crazy from lack of sleep. Then she came towards me and I backed away slightly, but she still smiled. She put her hand over mine, the one that ached so much from drawing. It felt as if all of my tiredness was drained from my right hand. She kept her hand on mine and I felt a copious amount of sweat forming on the palm of that hand. My eyes trembled and I felt lightheaded and dizzy, I can’t remember when I fell asleep but I did.

When I woke up, Shujin was already in the studio. I felt an overpowering sense of guilt for falling asleep when the deadline was so close. As I began to apologize, he gave me a quizzical look. When I looked down, my manuscript had been done. Did I finish it before I fell asleep? I couldn’t remember. I didn’t think I did. I thought hard about what I last remembered. When I told Shujin about what happened, he told me that muses appear to help inspire those who work with the arts. But why in the form of Azuki? Perhaps she had taken that form because of me, I thought about it for a while. Regardless, I put the manuscript in an envelope and went to get dressed to turn it in.


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