Monday, December 19th, 2011

Before I had realized that I wanted to draw manga, I sort of drifted through high school unsure of what I wanted to do. It’s sort of an intimidating feeling, but I kept playing it off like nothing. I kept telling myself I still had time, a few years to sort things out. But my days felt empty. I felt like everything I did was just a waste of time if I didn’t know what it was actually contributing towards in my future. I had already decided that I’d be a salaryman working a desk job. I didn’t do much at all when I had that for a goal. After Shuujin offered to do writing to my art, I felt like there really was something to work for after all. I mean, I had always liked art, but ever since my uncle’s death it faded out. It was sort of like a taboo after that.

But now, I feel like everyday is another step towards my dreams. Some are big steps, some are small. Regardless, I’m getting there. Now it just seems silly that I had ever thought that it would be okay to work in an office and tie and carry around a suitcase and die an average old man. Even though I stay up for days just trying to get the manuscript done, it feels worth it. I don’t see drawing as a job, it’s a passion, really.


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